Complete adaptability

The basis for the Lesoteka Good LIFE garden rooms are solid wood CLT walls. This method allows the construction of garden rooms in endless shapes and sizes with different finishing coats. Classic small wooden log cabins with a traditional design and shape are hard to incorporate into urban environments and next to buildings with a modern appearance, but this is exactly what we managed to achieve with our new program of garden rooms. Essentially, they feature a plain and modern shape and a selection of final layers can be used to emphasize this design or furnish the garden room with a facade made of untreated boards to give it a more traditional, vintage look. Lesoteka Good LIFE garden rooms go nicely with traditional houses as well as modern, contemporary facilities. Lesoteka Good LIFE garden room can be your mobile home at the seaside or a cottage in your vineyard.

Lesoteka Good LIFE garden rooms allow modular construction. Garden rooms and mobile houses can be combined with each other, stacked on each other or both to construct larger residential buildings. Read more about the modularity of Lesoteka Good LIFE >>