CLT Superior quality

Superior quality and cutting-edge technology

Garden rooms are manufactured using the same methods that our parent company Lesoteka hiše utilizes for the constructions of large wooden objects, such as wooden houses, larger holiday homes and business or public facilities.
Lesoteka Good LIFE garden rooms are constructed using CLT walls, which are made of cross laminated spruce timber. This construction method has been widely tested during the construction of larger residential houses and larger buildings for business or public purposes which are built by our parent company Lesoteka hiše.
Wooden garden rooms with CLT (cross laminated timber) solid wood walls (or Xlam in other words) display the perfect method for constructing wooden buildings. Garden rooms as well as wooden log cabins are entirely made of wood and are perfectly sealed and closed. Moreover, this technology enables a modern design of the object with different external or internal accessories (see Aditional equipment).

All garden rooms are basically made of solid wood CLT walls with a thickness of 60 mm. As additional equipment, insulation of outside walls is also available. See detailed description of individual products.

Our company obtained certificates for wood processing and production methods that confirm the high quality of our products.